• Lane Wells

Country Love

Lacey not only got roped in by David but she found herself a life long cowboy! I reatched out to Lacey and David after I saw their firece swing dancing moves and how sweet his proposal was! They seemed to be very in love and he had his cowboy hat on so of course I knew they were my kind of people!

After searching far and wide, the perfect location ended up being right down the road from my house. Driving one afternoon I stumbled upon an old barn out in the middle of the tall grassy field. There was ivy and pines growing on and around the old piece of what use to be part of a dairy farm. There was a hay rack inside with a few old square bales still bundled up in the back and the best part was that the sun set perfectly behind it! Lacey, David, and their gorgeous dog Jax made their way down and we photographed the night away! We had smiles and kisses and they even made their own hand shake and after the sun fell we got to do some light painting. Overall we had an amazing time and I'm so thankful I got to meet such an amazing couple!

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