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   Hey there!  My name's Lane Wells and I'm a wedding/portrait photographer here in the most amazing town of Des Moines, Iowa.  Photography was a hidden passion I discovered after my parents bought me my first cell phone.

   I believe it was 7th grade when I started racking up the minutes on the phone bill but the photos I would take were coming even faster.  I could always envision a scene just looking out the car window or riding my bike around town and now that I had a phone I was able to capture it.  Of course being young I broke a phone every now and then and have to start over but I was still clicking away at the camera button.  Soon my storage would fill up and after countless hours of trying to decide which photos to delete (which made me cringe) I knew I need something more.  I saved up my nickels and dimes and it wasn't long before I bought my first camera which I still own today. Ever since then my camera's always been by my side. 

   Today I couldn't imagine life without my other set of eyes and it's taught me the importance and value of the photograph.  To most people the basic idea of snapping a shot is capture a moment that happening but never thinking to themselves "why did I take this photo or why is it important?"  The goal of the photo is to capture not only the moment but the feelings and emotion of the subject inside the frame and to be able to look back in 30 years and remember the joke that Grandpa told to make everyone laugh or even the soft kiss of a loved one.  It's about remembering the beauty of what we call life. 

    "One of a kind photos for One of a kind people"


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